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The Mighty Quinn

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Lifted Village

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Los Colorines

Love in It Cooperative

Lucky Box

Lucky Box Club (Pure Vape)

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Baby Smokes


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Bearded Distribution

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Bhodacious Budder

Big Nugz

Big Sur Extacts


Bleu Diamond Collective

Blowfish Glasswork

Blue Mountain Collective


Bombshell Baking

Bon Vivant Cali 

Boss Lady


Bread Head

Bright Side Botanicals

Bright Source Farms

Bronx RX

Brook Hilton Consulting

Bud & Company 

Bud Bites

Buddha Boyz 710

Buddha Nectar

Budha Boys

Bully Extracts 710

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Burning Bush Nurseries

Butterfly Effects


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Cali Alternative Care Center

Cali Plug

Cali Sun Collective

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California Finest 

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California Seed Bank

Calis Finest Greens


Cann Distributors Inc.

Canna Candies Corp

Canna Care Topicals

Canna Kettle

Cannabis Massage Movement



Casa Verde Oakland

CBD By Cali

CBD Express 

CE Solutions 

Centurion Extracts 

CH Farms

Chasewoods Collective

CJ Exclusive (Highwayz)

Clear Day 

Clone Factory

Coast Leaflettes

Coco Extracts

Collie Buddz

Compund Clear 

Cooperstreet Holdings

Cor Leonis inc

Cosmo D's Outrageous Edibles 

Country Roots


Crazy Horse

Cruz Lab (Nano Farms)

Cuba Libre

Custom 420 Promos

Cyco Nutrients

Dab Tech 

Dabber Box

Dabzilla Extracts

Dank Extracts 


DC Highgrade

Delta Distribution

Deluxe Organics

Dirt Bag Extracts

Dirt Ninja Farms

Disabled Veterans Collective

DMDH Enterprises Inc

Don Terpignon

Dr. Zodiaks Moonrocks

Dream Ranch Garden

Dungeons Vault Genetics

Earth Balm

Earth Industries 

East Bay Holistics

East Bay Meds

Easy Butter Co 

Edens Farm

Eel River Family Farms

Eel River Garden

El Toro Verde



Elevated Dab Movement

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Emerald Essence 

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Empress Extracts & Garden 

Enjoy Jars


Eternal CBD

Everything Irie

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Exquisite Organics


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Fire Sticks

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Treelax Collective

Trees 2 Terps


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